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We are leaders in several subfields of physics & astronomy. We infuse that leadership into education and service. Our research foci include the origin and structure of the universe, the microscopic and macroscopic description of condensed matter and biological systems, and the physics of the environment.

Special Event : Friday June 7th, 2024

You are invited to attend Frontiers of Cosmology Lecture: Galaxies as Astrophysical Laboratories for Dark Matter.  There will be a reception at 5pm followed by the lecture given by Associate Professor, Laura Sales in Watkins Hall 1000.

This event is free and open to the public. The local community, and middle and high school students are strongly encouraged to join us.

Pre-registration is required, please use this link to register: 

FREE parking is available in parking lot 6; register your license plate using this link:

Click this link to view the map; parking lot 6 is indicated with a red balloon:

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