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Department Staff


Primary Contacts

  • Financial and Administrative OfficerGuille Vallejo, Physics 3047C, (951) 827-3981
    Budget/Reporting, Policy Interpretation/Compliance, Exceptional Approvals and Start-up Funds

  • Financial Operations Manager (Interim): Dominica Adriana Albitre, Physics 3043, (951) 827-6256
    Operational Supervision, Fund Administration, System Access, Backup support to FAO

  • Facilities Manager (Interim)Jae Eu, Physics 2004, (951) 827-5637

  • Student Affairs Officer: Derek Beving, Physics 3045, (951) 827-5332
    Coordinates and administers all aspects of dept. graduate program

  • Chair's Assistant: Christina Taylor, Physics 3047B, (951) 827-5334
    Academic appointments, payroll or Visa questions and assist faculty with M&P process.

  • Purchasing Assistant: Prescilla Luna Physics 3047 (951) 827-7895
    All purchasing needs; eBuy, ProCard, ScottSupply orders, etc.

  • Travel & Events Coordinator and ReceivingHeather McDermott
    Relocation, Travel expenses, Colloquium/Research Seminars, ePay reimbursements, Calendaring, Receiving

  • Contract & Grant Analysts: Paulo Castillo Physics 3047 (951) 827- 6169 and Julissa Terriquez Physics 3047 (951) 827-5033
    All aspects of grant proposal submissions and post-award administration for assigned faculty

  • Research Admin III: Melissa Real
    Support management team with accounting and financial functions as assigned.


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