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Experimental Cosmology & Gravity Group Page

Experimental gravity and cosmology uses frontier observational facilities to investigate fundamental physics in extreme astrophysical systems and the history and evolution of the Universe. Electromagnetic radiation, cosmic rays, and high-energy neutrinos have traditionally been used to learn about the Universe. More recently, the Advanced LIGO and Virgo observatories have established gravitational waves as an entirely new observational probe. Gravitational waves offer an unprecedented look into the near-horizon physics of black holes and the interiors of neutron stars. Their detection is poised to enable precision tests of gravity, cosmology, and dense nuclear matter. By combining observations obtained by gravitational, electromagnetic, and astroparticle methods, we stand to greatly amplify these insights in a new era of multi-messenger astrophysics.

The Experimental Gravity and Cosmology Group at the UCR Department of Physics has active research programs in gravitational-wave detection, laser wavefront control, optical precision measurement, interferometer design and simulation, and machine learning. It is represented by Professors Barry Barish and Jonathan Richardson.

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