College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Large Hadron Collider

Masters Requirements


Graduate Program - Master's Degree Requirements


A student is recommended for the degree of M.A. or M.S. in Physics on completion of the following requirements:


Satisfactory completion of a minimum of 36 quarter units of approved physics courses taken for a letter grade after admission to graduate study. Of these, at least 24 quarter units must be in the 200 series. Each course must be passed with a grade of B- or better and the student must maintain an average for all courses of B or better.
Thesis or Examination

Either of the following two plans:

1.) Satisfactory completion of a thesis in a field of physics to be chosen in consultation with a faculty supervisor. This thesis shall be passed upon by a committee designated by the department. In addition, Phys 401 is required.

2.) Satisfactory performance on the Comprehensive examination (please see the Doctoral Degree page for details).

Under either plan, all requirements for the master's degree must be completed not later than the end of the sixth quarter.





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