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Condensed Matter Experiment


Experimental condensed matter physics investigates the physical properties of ordinary matter around us in various forms: solids, liquids, engineered materials, and nanostructures. These systems have exhibited fascinating behavior which challenges our understanding of nature at a fundamental level. Physicists have invented many of the experimental tools used to probe the electronic, optical, magnetic, and vibrational properties of matter, and the development of increasingly sensitive measurement techniques continues on. Condensed matter physicists are also involved in the synthesis of artificially-structured materials, nanostructures, and nanoscale devices, which often manifest interesting behavior that is distinctly quantum mechanical in origin.


Cond-Mat Experiment @ UCR

The Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Group at the UCR Department of Physics has active research programs in novel materials and nanostructures, highly-correlated electron physics, surface science, biophysics, precision measurement, linear and non-linear optics, muon-based spectroscopy, high-density positronium gases, spintronics, and molecular electronics.


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