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Electrons take flight at the nanoscale

A study showing how electrons flow around sharp bends, such as those found in integrated circuits, has the potential to improve how these circuits, commonly used in electronic and optoelectronic devices, are designed.

Physics students win prizes at international conference

UC Riverside physics students Sean Preins and Peter Carney were awarded prizes at an international conference that took place 25-31 July at the University of Warsaw in Poland. The pair won two of only three prizes given at the 2023 Electron-Ion Collider User Group meeting.

Astronomy grant will strengthen ties between UC Riverside and University of Hawaii

Bahram Mobasher, a distinguished professor of observational astronomy at UC Riverside, has received a grant of $425,000 from the National Science Foundation, or NSF, to develop a mentoring partnership with the University of Hawaii. As principal investigator of the three-year grant, Mobasher will serve as director of the California-Hawaii Astrophysics Mentoring Partnership, or CHAMP, that...

NSF grant allows purchase of instrument for measuring magnetic properties

UC Riverside has received a $633,000 grant from the National Science Foundation through its Major Research Instrumentation Program to support the acquisition of a cryogen-free magnetometer used to research low-dimensional magnetic and superconducting materials. Such materials have applications in nanodevices, superconducting qubits, magnetic sensors, and memory devices.

UCR is key player in conceptual design of next-generation gravitational wave observatory

Completed in 2002, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory, or LIGO, uses high-power laser beams over a 4-kilometer distance to measure passing gravitational waves — ripples in space that travel at the speed of light — generated by the collisions of distant black holes and neutron stars. Enter now Cosmic Explorer, the United States’ next-generation gravitational...

New teaching technology opens a world of possibilities

With a touch of the screen, new interactive video technology at UC Riverside’s XCITE Center for Teaching and Learning allows students to explore countless learning opportunities. The giant 27-foot diagonal screen occupies a central location in front of couches and desks at the center, located at Tomás Rivera Library. The Immersive Design for Educational Advancement...

Summer school focuses on nuclear physics

More than 50 physics graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from UCR and universities across the nation are attending the conference this year. They were selected based on their interest in the NNPSS and recommendation letters from their advisors to support their participation.

Physicist receives high honor from Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona

Physicist Barry C. Barish, a distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at UC Riverside who won the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of gravitational waves, has been elected a corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Arts of Barcelona. Founded in 1764 as a private literary society to promote the...

Staff members honored at awards ceremony

Ten UC Riverside staff members were honored by UCR Staff Assembly as part of its annual Outstanding Staff Awards recognizing those who go above and beyond their duties. The awards were presented at a Monday, June 5 ceremony at the Barn Stable. The awards recognize staff members for excellence in their work, commitment to the...

How does photosynthesis work so efficiently?

How do living systems establish themselves and work so well? This is a question UC Riverside physicists Nathaniel M. Gabor and Jed Kistner-Morris, as well as scholarly writing expert Benjamin W. Stewart explore in an article they published in this month’s issue of Physics Today, a magazine of the American Institute of Physics.

Postdoc wins prestigious fellowship

The Electron-Ion Collider Center at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has awarded a research fellowship to Sebouh Paul, a postdoctoral researcher in the UCR Department of Physics and Astronomy. The one-year, $36,000 fellowship will allow Paul to further research of the Electron-Ion Collider, or EIC, a unique physics research facility...

A manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets

An international team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside, and the Institute of Magnetism in Kyiv, Ukraine, has developed a comprehensive manual for engineering spin dynamics in nanomagnets – an important step toward advancing spintronic and quantum-information technologies.

Three Highlanders receive 2023 Barry Goldwater Scholarship

Five thousand U.S. higher-education students applied, 1,267 applicants moved on to be nominated, and 413 of those nominees were awarded the 2023 Barry Goldwater Scholarship — three of them being UC Riverside Highlanders.

High schoolers get university-level education in particle physics

Fifteen students from Ramona High School and 12 from Hemet High School got to learn some of the latest findings in particle physics when they visited UC Riverside on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Physics students gain hands-on experience in building a prototype detector

A group of young physicists at the University of California, Riverside, recently acquired the kind of invaluable hands-on experimental nuclear physics experience that is sure to make their resumes stand out.

Physicist ranked eighth top female scientist in the world, a research portal for scientists that publishes rankings of leading experts in a variety of fields, has ranked Gail Hanson, a distinguished professor emerita of physics and astronomy at UC Riverside, as the eighth top female scientist in 2022. This is the first edition of the ranking of female scientists, which measures the impact...

Memorial Service for Stephen Wimpenny

We are all mourning the loss of Professor Stephen Wimpenny, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on November 21st. Steve was a friend, a valued colleague, an accomplished scientist, and a dedicated instructor. We all miss him very much. There will be a Memorial Service to celebrate his life on Wednesday, December 7th, 11:00 am...


Upon meeting UCR physicists Allen Mills and Harry Tom, you may think the pair would rarely be seen in the same room, given how divergent their personalities are. The introverted Mills is soft-spoken and shy; his wife jokes he has “no personality.” Tom, on the other hand, is a bubbly extrovert, whose bursts of laughter...

Physicist to receive Copernicus Prize

Barry Barish, a distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at UC Riverside and a Nobel laureate, has won the Copernicus Prize, bestowed by the government of Poland on “those who made exceptional contributions to the development of world science.”

Physics and Astronomy at “Night of Art and Innovation” in downtown Riverside

The “Night of Art and Innovation” was back for the 10th time in downtown Riverside last week. Thousands of interested children and adults walked through arts and science displays of 400 presenters. A major player this year was the UCR Department of Physics and Astronomy with a strong team of 30 undergraduate and graduate students...
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