College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

Site Access


UCR maintains a training page for editing the Drupal content management system.

Logging in

Once you have access permissions to edit the department website, you may access the login page at the following address:

This link will take you to a standard UCR CAS (central authentication services) login page. For more information, see the websites training page on logging into university websites.


Please be especially careful editing any layouts or templates. These can cause difficult-to-undo changes across the website. When in doubt, be cautious and preview any changes before publishing them.

Basic Edits

Please refer to the UCR Drupal training page for more detailed instructions.

Adding a Page

Content > Add Content > Article
Content > Add Content > Basic Page


Content > Basic Page

Go to menu settings on the right to place the page on the menu bar:


Adding a page to the menu

The page will be in draft mode until one changes the status to published at the bottom of the page.


Changing a page from 'draft' to 'published.'

Editing the Menu

Structure > Menus > Main Navication
Please do not touch the other menus.

Specialized Content

Some content is stored and edited separately from a page. This way editing the content updates it across all pages that use that content.


UCR Profiles is a centralized repository of biographical information on our faculty, staff and students. It is public facing and is the basic internet presence for UCR affiliated individuals. Individuals may edit their own information.

You must be separately authenticated to manage UCR Profiles groups. These groups may then be exported into that can be posted on web pages.

One can edit or create groups on the manage groups page of UCR Profiles.


Profiles: manage groups

One enter information about the group:


Manage Group

Click on the red embed in website button to generate code to embed the group into a website:


Profiles: Embed Code

One may copy and paste this code into the source of a page in Drupal. Please click on the source button in the page editor.


Editor: Source


Structure > Block layout > Custom block library

Accordions are examples of content that is embedded in a page but is edited elsewhere (blocks).


Custom block library

To edit an accordion, navigate to its name on the menu:


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