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Excitations in magnets -- magnons -- hold great promise for quantum and classical information processing due to excellent scalability, tunability and energy-efficiency of magnonic devices. Magnonics is at the forefront of fundamental and applied research in magnetism and attracts excellent scientists all over the world. This year, the seventh in the series of the renowned biennial International Conferences on Magnonics took place in the US for the first time. The organizers of the conference – Igor Barsukov (Assistant Professor of Physics at UCR) and Ilya Krivorotov (Professor of Physics at UCI) – chose the Pacific Coast in Oxnard, CA for 100 attendees to dive into invited and contributed talks in an interactive single-session format. The conference, sponsored by IEEE Magnetics Society and industry, brought together international researchers from academia, industry, and national laboratories working in the fields of spintronics, magnetic materials, classical and quantum information technologies in order to exchange ideas and forge collaborations. Several UCR graduate students took active role in this scientific event and served on the local organizing committee. The success of the Magnonics saga is expected to continue in France next year.

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