College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

B.S. in Physics (Standard Track), students starting with Math 6A

The co-requisite course for PHYS 41A is Math 9A or higher.  For this reason, students who place into Math 6A can't start the PHYS 41ABC series in their first quarter.  This page gives an alternate path through the introductory physics series for students who place into Math 6A.  The recommended path below has you take two courses in the summer after your first spring quarter, which will finish the chemistry series and advance you in the math sequence.  If taking classes in the summer is not an option for you, it's possible to continue the math sequence with 9B in the fall of your second year and finish the chemistry series in year 3 or 4.

Freshman year

Fall Winter Spring Summer
Math 6A (4 units) Math 6B (4 units) Math 9A (4 units) Math 9B (4 units)
  Chem 1A/1AL (5 units) Chem 1B/1BL (5 units) Chem 1C/1CL (5 units)
English 1A (4 units) English 1B (4 units) Breadth 3 of 7 (4 units)  
Breadth 1 of 7 (4 units) Breadth 2 of 7 (4 units) Breadth 4 of 7 (4 units)  
Phys 39 (3 units) S/NS      
Total units 15 Total units 17 Total units 17 Total units 9

Sophomore year

Fall Winter Spring  
Phys 41A (8 units)  Phys 41B (8 units) Phys 41C (8 units)  Math 46 (4 units)
Math 9C (4 units) Math 10A (4 units) Math 10B (4 units)  
CS 10A or CS 9P (4 units) Breadth 5 of 7 (4 units) Breadth 6 of 7 (4 units)  
Total units 16 Total units 16 Total units 16  Total units 4
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