Department of Physics & Astronomy

Eugene Simanek

Eugene Simanek

Eugen Simanek

Professor Emeritus

Office: Physics 3047
Email: Simanek@ucr.edu

Research Interests:

Magnetism, Superconductivity, and Cosmology


   Ph.D. 1963, Czech. Acad. of Inst. of Physics


General relativity, black holes, cosmic strings

Selected Publications:

  1. E. Simanek, "Flux quantization for a vortex in two-gap superconductor", Phys. Rev. B (Submitted)
  2. E. Simanek and A. Rebei, "Spin transport and resistance due to a Bloch wall" Phys. Rev. B71, 172405 (2005).
  3. E. Simanek, "Gilbert damping in ferromagnetic films due to adjacent normal-metal layers", Phys. Rev. B68, 224403 (2003)
  4. B. Heinrich, G. Woltersdorf, R. Urban, E. Simanek, "Role of spin current in magnet relaxations of metallic multilayer films" , Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials vol. 258, 376 (2003).
  5. B. Heinrich, G. Woltersdorf, R. Urban, E. Simanek, "Role of dynamic exchange coupling in magnetic relaxations of metallic multilayer films", Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 93, 7545 (2003).
  6. E. Simanek, B. Heinrich, "Gilbert damping in magnetic multilayers", Physical Review B67, 1444418, (2003).
  7. E. Simanek, "Charged vortices and copper nuclear quadrupole resonance in the cuprates", Physical Review B65, 1845241 (2002).
  8. E. Simanek, "Spin accumulation and resistance due to a domain wall", Physical Review B63, 2244121 (2001).
  9. E. Simanek, "Transverse electric field in a mesoscopic Luttinger-liquid ring", Physical Review B60, 4410 (1999).
  10. E. Simanek, "Vorticity reversal in curved electron waveguides", Physical Review B59, 10152 (1999).
  11. E. Simanek, "Transverse electric fields in mesoscopic normal rings", Physics Letters A250, 425 (1998).
  12. E. Simanek, "Effective Lagrangian for quantum waveguides", Physical Review B57, 14634 (1998).
  13. E. Simanek, "Vortex-charge interaction and Aharonov-Casher effect in two-dimentional superconductors", Physical Review B55, 2772 (1997).
  14. E. Simanek, "Non-Abelian adiabatic phases in vortex dynamics. Magnus force in Fermi superfluids", Physics Letters A221, 277 (1996).
  15. Eugen Simanek, “Flux quantization for a vortex in two-gap superconductor”, Phys. Rev. B 74, 052501 (2006).
  16. Eugen Simanek, “Gravitational field of a spinning sigma-model cosmic string”, Phys. Rev. D 78, 045014 (2008).
  17. Eugen Simanek,Gravitational field of twisted Baby Skyrmionstrings and loops” (Submitted Jan. 28, 2010), arXiv 1001.5061.
  18. Eugen Simanek, “Energy quantization for matter orbiting black hole and Hawking radiation”, (Submitted Aug. 31, 2012) arXiv: 1209.3791.

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