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Laura Sales

Laura Sales

Laura Sales

Assistant Professor

Physics 3034 

Telephone: 951-827-7037
Email: laura.sales@ucr.edu
Fax: 951-827-4529

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Current Research:

My research focuses on understanding the assembly of galaxies within the cosmological framework. I am particularly interested in the context and broad range of physical processes that drive the formation of galaxies; such as cosmology, gravitational dynamics and hydrodynamics, gas cooling, heating and shocks, star formation, metal enrichment and radiative processes. I take a numerical/theoretical approach at this by working daily with high resolution N-body and hydrodynamical simulations that explore the formation of galaxies.

Research Interests:

- Galaxy Formation and Evolution
- Dynamical modeling of galaxies
- Dwarf galaxies
- Milky Way and Local Group cosmology
- Nature of feedback
- Physics of the ISM
- Hydrodynamics
- Numerical simulations


PhD 2007, University of Cordoba, Argentina

Selected Publications:

1. "Stellar feedback by radiation pressure and photoionization" Sales, Laura V.; Marinacci, Federico; Springel, Volker; Petkova, Margarita. 2014 MNRAS 439, 2990

2. "The origin of discs and spheroids in simulated galaxies" Sales, Laura V.; Navarro, Julio F.; Theuns, Tom; Schaye, Joop; White, Simon D. M.; Frenk, Carlos S.; Crain, Robert A.; Dalla Vecchia, Claudio. 2012 MNRAS 423, 1544

3. "The shape of dark matter haloes in the Aquarius simulations: evolution and memory" Vera-Ciro, Carlos A.; Sales, Laura V.; Helmi, Amina; Frenk, Carlos S.; Navarro, Julio F.; Springel, Volker; Vogelsberger, Mark; White, Simon D. M. 2011 MNRAS 416, 1377

4. "Orbital eccentricity as a probe of thick disc formation scenarios" Sales, Laura V.; Helmi, Amina; Abadi, Mario G.; Brook, Chris B.; Gomez, Facundo A.; Roškar, Rok; Debattista, Victor P.; House, Elisa; Steinmetz, Matthias; Villalobos, Alvaro. 2009 MNRAS 400, 61

5. "Cosmic ménage à trois: the origin of satellite galaxies on extreme orbits", Sales, Laura V.; Navarro, Julio F.; Abadi, Mario G.; Steinmetz, Matthias. 2007 MNRAS 379, 1475

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