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Jeanie Lau

Jeanie Lau

Jeanie Lau


Physics 3024

Telephone: 951-827-7197
Email: lau@physics.ucr.edu
Fax: 951-827-4529

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Research Interests:

  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Nanometer-Scale Physics


Ph.D. 2001, Harvard University

Current Research:

Professor Lau's current research effort is to explore novel physics and phenomena of nanoscale systems such as nanowires, carbon nanotubes and organic molecules. The goal of her research is to understand and exploit such phenomena that arise from quantum confinement of atoms and molecules in order to engineer new classes of electronic and electromechanical devices.


NSF CAREER Award (2008)
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (2009)

Selected Publications:

  1. F. Miao, S. Wijeratne, U. Coskun, Y. Zhang W. Bao and C.N. Lau, “Phase Coherent Charge Transport in Graphene Quantum Billiards”, Science, 317, 1530 (2007).

  2. W. Bao, F. Miao, Z. Chen, H. Zhang, W. Jang, C. Dames, and C. N. Lau, “Controlled Ripple Texturing of Suspended Graphene and Ultrathin Graphite Membranes”, Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 562 (2009).

  3. M.S. Fuhrer, C.N. Lau, and A.H. MacDonald, “Graphene: Materially Better Carbon”, MRS Bulletin, 35, 289 (2010).

  4. W. Bao, L. Jing, J. Velasco Jr., Y. Lee, G. Liu, D. Tran, B. Standley, M. Aykol, S. B. Cronin,  D. Smirnov, M. Koshino, E. McCann, M. Bockrath, and C.N. Lau, “Stacking-dependent Band Gap and Quantum Transport in Trilayer graphene”, Nature Physics, 7, 948 (2011).

  5. J. Velasco Jr., L. Jing, W. Bao, Y. Lee, V. Aji, M. Bockrath, C.N. Lau, C. Varma, R. Stillwell , D. Smirnov, Fan Zhang, and A. MacDonald, “Transport Spectroscopy of Symmetry-Broken Insulating States in Bilayer Graphene”, Nature Nanotechnology, 7, 156 (2012).

  6. W. Bao, J. Velasco Jr., F. Zhang, L. Jing, B. Standley, D. Smirnov, M. Bockrath, A. MacDonald and C. N. Lau, “Evidence for a Spontaneous Gapped State in Ultra-Clean Bilayer Graphene”, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 109, 10802 (2012).

  7. C.N. Lau, W. Bao, J. Velasco Jr., “Properties of Suspended Graphene Membranes”, Materials Today Review, 15, 238 (2012)

  8. Y. Lee, J. Velasco Jr., D. Tran, F. Zhang, W. Bao, L. Jing, K. Myhro, D. Smirnov, and C.N. Lau, “Broken Symmetry Quantum Hall States in Dual-Gated ABA Trilayer Graphene”, Nano Lett., 13, 1627 (2013).

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