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Phone numbers are UCR extensions unless otherwise specified. To call these numbers from outside the University, please insert (951) 827- before the extension number. To call from on-campus, please insert 2 before the 4-digit extension number.

Adjunct and Research Faculty

NameTitleLocation/Office No.Phone No.E-mail
Bockrath, Marc Professor Ohio State University   bockrath.31@osu.edu
Creasey, Peter Assistant Project Scientist Pierce Hall 2112B  7037 peter.creasey@ucr.edu
Kawakami, Roland Research Physicist MS&E 222 5343  roland.kawakami@ucr.edu
Lacroix, Florent Assistant Project Scientist CERN  5329   lacroix@cern.ch
Lau, Jeanie Professor Ohio State University   lau.232@osu.edu
Malberti, Martina Assistant Project Scientist CERN 5638   lacroix@cern.ch

Cooperating Faculty

NameTitleLocation/Office No.Phone No.E-mail
 Baez, John  (Mathematics) Professor Surge 248 7372  john.baez@ucr.edu
Bartels, Ludwig(Chemistry) Professor Pierce Hall 0124  2041 ludwig.bartels@ucr.edu
Coh, Sinisa(Mechanical Engineering) Assistant Professor Bourns Hall A0323 3375 sinisa.coh@ucr.edu
Cybart, Shane (Mechanical Engineering) Assistant Professor Bourns Hall A0375 5448 shane.cybart@ucr.edu
Korotkov, Alexander (Elec Eng) Professor Winston Chung Hall 0434 2345 alexander.korotkov@ucr.edu
Lake, Roger  (Elec Eng) Professor Winston Chung Hall 0437 2122 roger.lake@ucr.edu

Lapidus, Michael (Mathematics)

Distinguished Professor Surge 0231 5910 michel.lapidus@ucr.edu

Wong, Bryan  (Chemical Engineering)

Assistant Professor MSE 0335 2163 bryan.wong@ucr.edu

Emeritus Faculty

NameTitleLocation/Office No.Phone No.E-mail
Cordova, France Professor Emerita      france.cordova@ucr.edu
Cummings, Frederick Professor Emeritus     fredcmgs@alumni.stanford.edu
Desai, Bipin Professor Emeritus Physics 3044  5643 bipin.desai@ucr.edu
Fung, Sun-Yiu Professor Emeritus     sunyiu.fung@ucr.edu
Kaus, Peter Professor Emeritus     kausp@pr.erau.edu
Kernan, Anne Professor Emerita     anne.kernan@ucr.edu
Liu, Nai-Li Professor Emerita     naili.liu@ucr.edu
Ma, Ernest Professor Emerita Physics 3046 5340 ernest.ma@ucr.edu
MacLaughlin, Douglas Professor Emeritus MS&E 322  5344/5311 douglas.maclaughlin@ucr.edu
McCollum, D. Professor Emeritus      
Nickel, John Professor Emeritus     jnickel643@aol.com
Orbach, Raymond Professor Emeritus Washington DC   rorbach@earthlink.net
Pollak, Michael Professor Emeritus     michael.pollak@ucr.edu
Simanek, Eugen Professor Emeritus    


White, Stephen Professor Emeritus UC Santa Barbara   swhite@physics.ucsb.edu
Zych, Allen Professor Emeritus Pierce  5642 allen.zych@ucr.edu

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